Decorate Your Dollhouse Exterior To Make An Enormous Impact

Decorate Your Dollhouse Exterior To Make An Enormous Impact

With so much attention given to the interior decoration of your dollhouse, it can be easy to overlook what a difference some exterior design and decorating can make. By spending some time and a few dollars on the exterior aesthetics of your dollhouse, you can give the scene a feeling of completion, instead of a house that is just well decorated on the inside.

The opportunities for enhancing your dollhouse’s exterior design are nearly limitless. Think of how you’d want to spruce up your own home’s exterior and try to add some landscaping effects to your dollhouse’s outdoor space. Creating a small garden can be very nice, and you can add some miniature wicker furniture. You’ll also have an excuse to expand your crafting abilities to learn new design techniques or how to build just the right piece of furniture.

Some miniature collectors like to create outdoor spaces that look like they are being lived in. An outdoor space that is tastefully scattered with children’s lawn games and swing sets give a sense of reality to your miniature display. If you can add some pets to the scene then it may make it seem even more like a place where a typical family would spend a summer afternoon.

Trying to replicate realism is important to a dollhouse. There are many additions you can make that add to the look of a true home. Features such as a mailbox, trees, or a driveway aren’t ones you’d think to add at first glance, but once you do, you’ll wonder how your dollhouse ever looked complete without them. Attention to small outdoor details and usual features we find around our own homes makes a big difference in your display.

Many miniature collectors enjoy changing the look of their dollhouse exterior each season. Just as you’d decorate for the holidays, you can string your dollhouse with miniature lights. If it’s time for summer barbecues, adding a tiny grill to your dollhouse patio adds more realism. When your dollhouse is set for winter seasons and it’s full-blown spring outside, your scene may look out of place.

However you choose to utilize your creative abilities on the exterior of your dollhouse, keep in mind that there isn’t really a right or wrong way to do it. As long as you make sure the exterior scale matches the interior scale you can decorate the exterior however you want without ruining the integrity of the display.

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